July 23rd, 2013


Another Lossless Week

Just Weighing In

When I stepped on the scale yesterday or Sunday, I saw with some disappointment that my weight hasn’t moved in the last 7 days. Haven’t gained (YAY!) But I haven’t lost any either (BOOOO.)

I was off my diet over the weekend *Yes. Again* Bleah. Not quite as bad as previous time. Ah well. I just need to get a better grip here.

Focus focus focus. Easier said than done sometimes?



Noticed a trim ring for the right front headlight has “Disappeared” from my vehicle. And the dang cover for the Headlight washer. Didn’t even know I HAD those. I don’t know whether they fell off or were removed by someone. I’m kind of hoping for the former. The latter would suck. But both going missing at the same time is a bit suspicious if you ask me. I hope someone is not using my car as a spare parts shop.


Oh Really?!

Took the bicycle out for a ride yesterday evening. Had to run an errand, and it was kind of nice out last evening after the blast of heat during the day.

Some fool liked to have hit me. IN A PARKING LOT. Fortunately (for me), one of us was paying attention and hit the brakes and then throttled on around their dumbass. Uh yeah.

Pay attention to where you are. And more importantly, where THEY are!

I’ll likely take it out again at some point today. Like to do that daily, but I haven’t been able to manage that yet. To flippin’ hot in the mid day.