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August 7th, 2013


After dinner, I stopped by a friend's place (at his request) only to
find he was quite blitzed. I bailed as soon as politely possible.
Wasn't in the frickin' mood to put up with or give any abuse. However
well intentioned it might have been. Sent him to bed. Hope he had
enough sense to listen. Stopped by my favorite watering hole, but had
pretty much the same feeling. Not into it.

So, I'm home. And it is only 1030. KInd of unusual for a Wednesday. For me.

Didn't make my stop for sundries either, dang it. Tomorrow will be
soon enough. Have some other errands to run as well. Might as well get
'em all done at once.

Dinner was good. Had a burger. Not on my diet, but sooooooo good.
Cheese AND bacon AND jalapeños. And a pickle spear for god's sake! And
fries. And a couple (okay 3) Heinekens.


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