August 13th, 2013


Whoa... Not Sure I Should Have Done That!

Yesterday I drove through the neighborhood where Lisa (wife 2.0 aka The RedHead) and I had our home built. The homes look like they've been there forever now. The oaks that were all planted have grown madly and reach over the streets to shake hands with their neighbors across the street. Wonder if the trees we planted in that big old back yard survived.

I was quite shocked how that affected me. Been giving that lady a lot of thought real estate lately. If I could have been really happy with some one, it would have been with her. And I was too stupid to realize it at the time.
I always talk about having no regrets. But I have one at this point. I let that one get away. Aye. Well and truly crazy, I must have been.
Water under the bridge.

Now Moving On and Up

Now this guy - Jeremy Soule. He wrote the soundtrack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Which I admit I've been listening to lately. Yeah I know. A soundtrack for a video game. Pffffffft. I like it. But it ain't exactly beach music.
Makes me think of mountains and meadows. Lakes, rivers and streams. Or at the very least the Hill Country.
Give it a listen:

The Projects - I've Got a Few. Small. Inconsequential. Ones.

The Diet
The Wheels
The Pebble (Might as Well Be a Stone) Smartwatch
The Road Trip

Most of these are positive stuff.

The Diet

  • Goes well - as long as I mind my P's & Q's. But it takes some effort. Even though I had a net GAIN of about a pound, I knew what I was doing and did it anyway. All good.

The Wheels

  • - Car just flat out impresses me. It's really a blast to drive. Corners well. Can just tear up a straightaway. Was able to 'slingshot' into a few nice turns. Haven't had this much fun in a car since I had a Z28 with Wife 2.0.
  • It cruises at 80 or 90 MPH just as well as it does 65. Just with more emphasis. *louder* Really purring at 80 MPH too.
  • And on certain kinds of pavement the dang tires really sing. Was on I10 yesterday, there's so many different kinds of pavement between here and San Felipe (the town) it is ridiculous.
  • Nice drive though, once I got off the freeway. I never got back on.
  • Found a 'secret compartment' up front. *grins* Annnnnd… My parts are in, I just need to go pick them up. And then figure out how to get them on the car…

The Road Trip

  • Is going to happen. Haven't picked a destination yet, but I'm thinking in NW Texas territory and maybe a state over. Never been there. Haven't really picked a direction either.

The Pebble Smartwatch

  • A Kickstarter project I backed. Great idea but a very soft execution Farhad @ Slate about sums it up for me. Smart concept, not-so-smart watch
  • I'm very disappointed with this. I was going to say meh, but I really wanted this to work. Drains the battery on my phone. Could be my phone but I don't know. Notifications are very intermittent. Very. Could have been a helluva lot better.
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