August 16th, 2013


That was Close

Was a testing day for the bike rack. AND the bike. Drove about 40 miles, mostly at highway speeds. Everything seems fine. Went a county park on Lake Houston.

Rode the bike for about 10 miles.

I left when dark clouds started pushing in from the north. Storm clouds chased me south all the way back to la casita. I pulled into the parking garage seconds before the down pour started.

par avion

Back to nature? What?!

People talk like technology is a bad thing.

Why the fuck would I want to go back to something that has been trying
to kill us off for several hundred thousand years. Mother Nature is
not a benevolent, Grandma kind of a nature. She's a bitch. All teeth
and claws. Stingers. Fangs.

You make a mistake out there in it and you can STILL end up hurt,
maimed or worse.

Tech isn't evil. Technology actually enables us to have somewhat of a
fighting chance out there.

Take my chances in a nice B & B somewhere. *laughs* With WiFi.

*Full disclosure. I saw this being discussed the other day somewhere
and have been kind of percolating on it.
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