August 20th, 2013

par avion

Inspiration 2

I can do this, I'm doing it now.

Worry is irrelevant. It will not make me take an action, nor will it
prevent me from making one.

No negative self-talk. Focus on the positive.

Ease up a little and allow myself to be human.

The worst is very likely to occur. If it does I will handle it.

People and situations do not upset me; I do.

I don't have to do this perfectly.

I will recognize and let go of the things I cannot change.

I'm learning not to take myself to seriously.


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par avion

Move Along… Nothing to see here

Sage Advice
Don't **EVER** buy a black keyboard. Like a black car they show all yer dirt.

I Guess I Forgot. Again. *sigh*
Well dammit. Meant to take the mini parts with me when I left. Senior
moment. *laughs*

Picked up some Makers Mark Bourbon to go along beside my Dewars Blue
today while I was out running some errands. I've had neither of these,
but wanted to try sippin' some bourbon. And I heard this was pretty
good. Not usually a bourbon drinker, but I can improvise if necessary.
It's kind of (differently) tasty. Sweet, almost. Should last a while.
And I was getting tired of the Dewars White Label I've had for a
while. Hence the blue.

I've found the living room once again. I didn't like sitting in there
because I just had it laid out wrong. Moved it all back to a version I
previously used. I seem to be happy with it. It does make the room
more open seeming. And maybe I can start parking the bike on the patio
again now that I've made a clear path from the patio to the front