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August 24th, 2013

Going to meet up with some members of the Houston Mini Motoring
this afternoon. Should be interesting. Meeting at the Dosey
Doe on 1488, away up in Conroe. Quite the jaunt from here.

Or it is to meet up with a bunch of strangers you've only met over the interwebz.
45 miles one way. Not really that far away in Houston distances. I
know folks that commute from that town into the city and back every

Nothing ventured nothing gained. Should be a hoot. Got a feeling about
this bunch.

I ain't gonna wash the car for the trip up there, but maybe after I
get back. I just don't see the use, Lil' Red will likely be bug
splattered by the time I get there. I did make sure all is shipshape
inside. Then I took the bike out for a quick ride. Just about 4 miles
out and back I think.

Going to eat some lunch before I head north.


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