September 6th, 2013



Grrrrrrr. Better now than later, though. Was testing my portable drives for compatibility with the new doo-hickey, I bought for hard drive access for iOS. Apparently the larger capacity of the two has developed some kind of read/write issue. I could pull files off the thing, but I couldn't write anything to the disk. Tested the other one and it works fine.

I'll stop by the tech store and pickup the new drive I just ordered in the morning. Shit.

Anyway, still better now than when I hit Abilene. If the thing was going to fail, I really am glad it did it here.

I'd pick it up on the way out except I have to FORMAT THE DAMN THING, before I can use it.

I only spent most of the night dinking around with this. Wish I had thought to pull out the other drive sooner to test. Could have figured this out a while ago. Bleh.

Still didn't finish packing either.

I'll work it out, dang it…