September 13th, 2013


Weird Shit

 There's a lot of house trailers in the high country. Got no problem with them. they are reliable, and cheaper method of housing.They look to range in age from new to seriously in need of retirement or refurbishing.

Somewhere between Taos and Chama, I saw something I'd never seen on a trailer. It was covered in adobe. Or stucco. And it didn't look like a good job was done either. Should have stopped and taken a picture, but it was really pouring rain at the time. It was effin' strange looking.

So here have a look in my rearview mirror:

Camera Roll-182

PS I've decided to not shave for the duration of this trip. Or at least until I can't stand it any more. *grins* Don't expect any pictures of that anytime soon, looks pretty knarly right now. And gray. Lotsa gray.