September 27th, 2013


Soggy? Weeeeeellll, Maybe a Little...

Took the ebike out today to go to the post office and then MFF. Nice ride. Mostly. Until I was 9/10th of the way through that little round trip when we experienced a very temporary downpour!! Got under an overpass pretty quickly, so I was minimally moisturized. *laughs* Going to need either fenders or rain gear. Or BOTH

Still it's the first time I've been out on the bike since I got home. So any ride is a good ride.

Been playing Diablo 3 on the PS for a while now. It has been seriously fairly diverting. Probably other crap I should be doing, but Hell's Bells! I haven't played today.


Not much going on really. Hangin'. Watchin'. Thinkin'. Playin'. A lil' bit o' drinkin'…

A lot of thinking though.
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