October 14th, 2013



So one of the changes I need to make is to find gainful employment.

And I'm just getting started with that. Need to write a resume and start getting it out there.

But damn, I worked for the same company for 3 decades. I don't even know what a good resume looks like. YIKES! Could use a hand in that area I reckon.

I need to think of something creative to fill that last big gap too. *grins*

Had a salad for dinner and spent a couple hours looking through listings on Monster. I'm about cross-eyed from that.

My Squeeze has given me a business card from one of her contracting companies that The Big Clam uses. Yeah I know, she works where I did. Whoopee doo!

I need to find something fairly quickly before the bills mount up too high.

Looking at inside sales, or procurement, even soft support or helpdesk type things. I should be able to come up with something in those areas. We'll see. Not sure if I should try for a job with SAP type stuff. It's been a while.

Having a drink (Makers Mark over ice), probably gonna hit Diablo 3 up for a while. Looks like I need to do some leveling up (Oh, the joy of grinding) before I take on Bilial. *laughs*
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