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November 21st, 2013

I'm a Mac. And a PC.

Got The Offspring's Mac here. Giving it a little TLC. Plus she wanted me to remove the login password. Grates against my security bone, but I did it. Apparently I set the damned thing too. Because that's the way I am. Which means I gave it to her and she forgot it.

Took a cooler over for her to use at the next BooTown bash which is on Saturday.

I thought some one had pranked her or it had reverted to the previous owner's password, (I never heard of such a thing, but you never know) which was thoroughly nasty. But the previous owner was a 15 year old girl with attitude. So it may have been appropriate. For HER. I knew the password at one time, but it probably would have taken me a while to come up with it.

I did some upgrades and maintenance on this machine before The Offspring acquired it and then I cleaned it up when she bought it. So I know it was a good machine.

Charging up the battery And I'll give it back to her the next time I see her.

Finally got my iPhone and iPad off in the mail to Gazelle today. Wonder how long it will take them to cut me a check?

Weirds Me Out

Just got a friend request from Facebook from someone, and I have no idea who it is. A quick Internet search turns up nothing conclusive other than I do not know this woman.

This kinda shit tickles my WTF bone.

Weirds me out it does. Especially since the account was created 19 minutes ago. DELETE.


Weather is Not My Friend Today

Well Crap. November 21, at 11:25

I broke down and turned the AC on. Had a headache all day. Got to be the weather. And allergies, too. Meh. Been spitting rain all day. Humidity is up. Temp isn't so high but man the humidity is. About to give it up and head to bed. As soon as the indoor weather *grins* gets back in line.

Couldn't even concentrate to do the Sudoku in the paper today. Tried. Effed it up twice.

Tomorrow is another day.



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