December 18th, 2013

apple MBP

What th'?!

For a company that prides itself for it's intuitive interface, some Apple™ products, like for instance Numbers, can make thing as simple as parsing data into two columns seemingly maddening tasks. Even the help is counter intuitive.

All I was trying to do was create a simple list that would contain the tags I want to use in my offline journal. I recently (well in July) switched to using the DayOne app from MacJournal. It uses markdown and also lets you use tags for classification of entries. I was a bit tired of the complicated thing that MacJournal had become. And I like the interface. It's pretty much the same on my Macs as it it in my iOS devices.

*grins* But I digress… I'm trying to standardize the tags I use and trim the list down a bit. Spoiled by LiveJournal I guess.

Spent nearly a half hour on this and finally went to Excel and did it in two shakes of a lamb's tail. Maybe I'm not linear enough. But no, I don't think it is me for chrissakes.

Went to look around on the web for a solution and while there are some helpful people who explain how to do it within the iWorks suite using Pages and Numbers, this just seems to be a lot of steps to accomplish such a small thing.

1. Open Pages
2. Open a blank page
3. Paste the data
4. Select it
5. Use Find and Replace - in this case a ': ' that is, a colon with a following [space] and replace it with a [tab].
6. Copy and paste the resulting lines into Numbers.

It just seems counter productive when compared to the Excel [Text to Columns] function. How the Hell can you leave something like this out of a program for processing data? Sometimes a program needs to function as well as look elegant.

*But at least there IS a way to do it!*



Woke up at around 0330. Not sure what that's about. Was after midnight when I went to bed.

Sure as hell couldn't get back to sleep. My legs were sweaty. Tried kicking the covers off but it was just too late. I was already awake.


Supposed to hang with friend JimBro at Stags Head pub at some point around noon-ish today. Some kind of Coonass Christmas party.

I think I'll also take Em her MacBook. Been sitting around here since I **fixed** it. She lives fairly close to that place.


Some dickhead

Tried to make me question my manhood because I drive a Cooper S. Laughed in his face. Asked him what he was driving. "The big blue Jag parked next to your little red car. "

Which for some reason made me laugh even harder.

Not really sure. Not sure why I should give a falling fuck either.