December 23rd, 2013

Blue T's

Good Morning, it is Monday, December 23rd.

**Woke up around 7-ish.** Managed to put off getting up till around 9. Must have needed that. Plus it was in the high 60's in la casita this morning.

**Coffee - How I love thee.**

**Cold out this morning.**
Well chilly, anyhoo… My netatmo (personal Weather station)reports nearly 44ºF on the patio. A bit chill. A cozy 69ºF (and rising) in here though. I went looking for a long sleeve shirt this morning. **After** I started the coffee to brewing.

**Found some holes in my music library.** I knew they were there. Somewhere. Glad I didn't get rid of my CDs and such. I just put them away. Now I guess I'll be getting them out again.

**Out late with Friend JimBro night before last** Managed to not be brain dead yesterday. Not sure if it was common sense kicking in or the irish cream I had in my coffee during my next waking period. *laughs* Either way I was grateful.

**HyperCard** (or *Hypertalk*) Anyone remember that? You old time Mac users? It piqued my interest in programming for fun and profit back in the day.

**About to let my LJ go without funding for the first time in gods know when.** Just cannot justify spending the money for my account, nor my extras user pics, right now. *Oh well. I'll live.*