January 1st, 2014


It's 2014

Happy New Year.

I hope this year brings you most of what you want and everything you need!

I certainly want it to be a better year than last year.

Silence is Golden

I may have remarked on this before. When I lived out in the Houston burbs (Katy), *or the hinterlands* as I used to call it, fireworks were legal there. Some times it got so noisy you'd have thought you were in a war zone.

Here in the city? Not so much. I don't miss it all that much, either.

Fireworks are not legal to be sold or fired off within the city limits of Houston. And so it was a quiet night at La Casita last night. Hoisted a glass of scotch on the patio at midnight or thereabouts. *Quietly*

Shit used to scare the Hell out of our animals. Ironically I have no pets now.

Not even a Goddam FISH! *old joke - someone should remember* *grins*

Happy New Year...