January 25th, 2014


Ha! Only Turned My Head For A Couple Of Seconds!

And the damned smoke alarm was going off! Scorched my fry pan making pancakes. My culinary skills need work. *grins* They were still edible and the pan ain’t ruined, so there was that.

And then…

Went to get my Gorilla Glue to fix a drawer only to find that the bottle must have had an air leak of some sort. It was solidified into a solid cylinder. Yeah.

Except it wasn’t. As I attempted to extract the purported cylinder from it’s former confines, a distinct sticky odiferous ooze started to come from within the amber cylinder. It is now residing out in the cold of my patio. Oops!
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Not Usually One to Brag...

But I can't help myself. I've just started playing 'Words With Friends' after a long, LONG hiatus.

I scored 69 points with 4 letters. Triple word. Two ways. Hung an 'S' on SOVIET and capped the 'S' with HAT. Whoa.

That was a Grand Slam... Been a long time since I've even played Scrabble.

I'm Just Chatty Today

Bought 2 small sets (4 each) of italian cocktail glasses from FAB last year. One set was even fairly thick glass. The other really thin. I’m down to like two left out of each set, because I apparently am a flippin’ gorilla and can no long have nice things.

I think there’s something to be said for quality control actually. Or lack thereof.

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