January 26th, 2014


More Culinary Adventures

Guess maybe I should not have done that. I was trying to reheat some brussel sprouts I had cooked earlier for a bit of a snack. Put them in a bowl with a bit of water and blasted them in the microwave. Set the timer for about 40 seconds. Fucking hell! They exploded in there. Maybe if I covered them? Now not only am I hungry but I have to clean the microwave.

Full disclosure: Not completely true as I ate them anyway. There were just less of them!
I had quite the belly laugh from that, I must say.


On a different note but still cooking:

I have a recipe for a rib rub that calls for paprika. Of which I have NONE! Looking for subs, some places say it really just adds color so you can leave it out. Recipe also calls for cayenne pepper, which I do have. Thoughts? Chili powder?

Also calls for 2 Tbls brown sugar. Which again, I have NONE. Before you ask I do not have molasses. I do have white sugar. Do you think this will change the taste significantly?

Gonna try this tomorrow. It's a crock pot recipe. They go in the crock pot standing up till tender and then into the oven about 10 inches from the broiler for about 10 minutes. Sounds yummy to me...

Slow cooker ribs

If I left them in the cooker long enough I might could skip the broiler and just pull off the bone for sammiches...
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At Last!

The Staff of Herding shall be mine!

Had to fight that damned demon Izual about 30 times to get the plans. Had all the other parts.

Hope it was worth the wait.

On to the Silver Spire! Semicolon the barbarian shall slay Diablo! Demon Scum.