February 17th, 2014


Monday Brain Dump...

Quote of the Day

"a man should find a woman who is good with children. he should find a woman who is good in bed. he should find a woman who can manage a home and finances. and he should make **damn** sure these women never find out about each other!"

BA-HAHAHAHAHA!!! Can’t say I disagree. BA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!


Still nothing from my perspective employer.
I’ve still got a day or two before I’ma get too concerned. Once I do hear I think I’ll head out of town for a few days.


Was hanging out at the Beer Joint the other night and some (new) girl
smacked me on the ass as she went by. And then got a little miffed when I didn’t react. “I just smacked your ass and you didn’t even move?”

“That’s because you just spanked my damned cellphone.”

Durned if she didn't turn around, come back, feel my ass (or my phone) and then let one loose on my other cheek. And yeah I moved on that one. “YIKES!”


Prob ably shouldn’t have,
but I ordered a new headlight trim ring for a birthday present to myself, to replace the one I lost on my road trip. Think I’ll Gorilla Glue that mother on. Not losing another one.


Having to formulate a new backup strategy.
My New(er) media drive is full (@500GB) Gotta come up with something that is almost bulletproof. And redundant. Got a 3 TB drive I’ve split into two partitions that I’ll use for backups. And a 2.0 TB drive I’ll use for media stuff. Hopefully I won’t need to worry about storage for a while.

Jeez. I remember the first Hard drive I bought. It was 10 MB. We thought that was HUGE! And the first PC I had came with 256K RAM. Whoa.


Took the 32in TV back to the BR.
It was just too big to sit on my desk. I think it was giving me headaches.I was able to hook up two 22 in displays I had laying around doing nothing. I like this. Just need to police the area around my desk some.

Wondering if we may be done (pretty much) with winter type weather around here.
Nearly 80 here today. Had the patio open all day. Looks like it will be pretty much same same for the rest of the week.


On a Final Note
I’m tired. Had a couple late nights this week. Keep feeling like I want to nod off. Not really a good idea.