March 2nd, 2014


And So It Begins...

Tonight I went looking in iTunes for some music I know should be there. The B-52s - *Cosmic Thing.* Ok Yeah so frickin’ shoot me. Well, it wasn’t there. I remember buying it. And giving it as a gift to my Step-daughter, who gave it right back to me. Didn’t want it.

Brutally honest kid. Always was. At least with me. *heh*Even though she always sang along to the music.

I said fine, and took it back. And put it into iTunes shortly thereafter. Apparently there are still quite a few casualties of my HD failure. I pulled the first box of CD’s out of the closet tonight. Because that’s the box the B52s should be in. The first CD in the box was A two CD set of *50 Years of the Grammy’s*. It was not in iTunes either.

This is okay I guess as it will give me a chance to get reacquainted with the music I own. This is a bittersweet thing. Happy and melancholy at the same time. We associate music with so much of our lives.

For instance…

"Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman"

I was feeling pretty good until this one came up...

Collapse )

And I couldn't stop it. Such good shit came with this album... Fuck... All gone but the memories now.

I could really use a drink or two. And company. Bad or otherwise.
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And Then...

There's Marcia Ball, Bach, Beethoven, The Beatles and Black Sabbath. All in the same box...

And all is right with the world.

Black Sabbath was still there. Couple of Beatles albums were missing.
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