March 4th, 2014


FireFox ~ Safari and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

I think it may be time for me to consider moving away from firefox on my macs.

FireFox is doing some weird crap on my system. It's getting slower by the release. Couple of times I did some google searches for something today and the results page SAID there were results (pages and pages of results!) but the pages were just blank. Baffling. Restarted. Emptied Caches. Still the same.

And I got actual results when I used safari or chrome. Don't care much for the chrome interface. So that puts me in the safari camp. Like it better than chrome. Marginally. But i suppose you can get used to anything. Such a pain between the cheeks to change even a browser these days with all the embedded crap.

But damn, I'm a bit fed up with the weirdness coming at me from FF these days. I'll likely be making the move. Seems to be getting a bit krufty.

Applied for 1/2 a dozen jobs yesterday had a call back from exactly ONE. Better than other times. Of course they called when I couldn't get to the phone. AHEM! I did call the number they left and left them the info they wanted. We'll see if I hear back.

Gonna give the pension people a call tomorrow and see if I can become a thorn in their side. Or a right pain in the ass! Enough that they'll push my paperwork through.

That's what I've got. How's by you?

PS. I added some user from one of the add_me comm that I'm one of the mods for.

Left him a post saying I added you. Well he didn't add me. So a week or so later I went and had a little look see. He added all the other responders. Dunno, maybe he was trolling for women even though it was stated that he wasn't into that kind of show. All the other posters were women.

*Heh* I know it doesn't sound like it but I don't give an actual fuck. But I did leave his ass a nice little piece of SNARK! there. *grins*