March 31st, 2014



Got Pulled Over…

Met some friends at the watering hole late, late, late last night. Played some silly iPhone version of charades or some such. Silly and fun, if you can describe things quickly.

Hung back after closing to talk to Ms. Ray-Ray, who is just about my favorite bartender. She’s quite the bombshell, and I am not sure if she’s as unaware of the effect she has on guys *and* gals as she seems to be. We caught up for a bit and then went our separate ways.

This morning about a quarter past three is when the **other** incident took place. Squad car pulled up behind me and flashed his blues. Cop asked for my license and proof of insurance. Had my DL. Couldn’t find my insurance card. He asked why I pulled off the main road.

To answer the phone,” I said quite truthfully. Asked me if I lived at the address on my DL. “Yessir, and I’m headed that way.

Handed me back my license and sent me on my way, with a, “Have a good morning, Mr. T’s.

Starting to wonder if Lil’Red isn’t some kind of damned Cop Magnet…

The guys at the bar were giving me a hard time about some ol’ Gal that was there. She left right before I got there. Apparently she waited a bit for me to get there. *I was nearly a ’no show’ as I was playing Diablo 3 quite happily. If it hadn’t been for friend JimBro Text-bombing me, I probably would have stayed home.

Last time I saw Ms J she was a bit of a train wreck. Apparently last night was no exception by the time she left. She has a bit of an addictive personality and a bit of a drinking problem. Around my age (I’m 56) and keeps herself in pretty good shape. She’s certainly in better shape than I am! Works for one of the major banking institutions.

Boys at the bar were telling me I missed out. Well, no - not really. This is completely inline with my new policy of “**Stay the Hell Away From Crazy Women!**” I tend to have a little less fun, but still no regrets…

Any way, got home around 0330, made some breakfast and then went to bed for a few hours.

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