April 2nd, 2014

police, bluelight

The Hell?!

So the vanity looks pretty dang fine. Black marble. If it's like the black appliances I have in here, today is the best it will ever look! *laughs*

Frame around the mirror isn't done yet and the didn't get my new blinds in. Or up.

I finally broke down and turned the AC on. Upwards of 85º F in here. Much cooler outside. Around 75ºF.

As the construction dude was leaving we noticed my deadbolt lock was screwed. I jiggled with it a bit and got it working. Then after a try or two it wouldn't dead or bolt. *laughs*. I called maintnance, got an 800 service as it is just barely after hours, and then a call from our guy who said it was going to be 45 minutes before he could get here, and had I called the police?

Explained that no, there was no break in, the damned thing just doesn't work, so no I have NOT called the LAW.

He seemed to be bellyaching about having to drive back over here. I almost wanted to apologize. But then decided to not go there. If it wasn't the lock I locked on my way out, I'd have let it go until morning. Kinda planned to go to the grocery store tonight though as I'm in need of a few things.

Looks like I may need to postpone that little trip. I'll survive.