April 10th, 2014

G'morning, Coffee


Woke up with a stiff back and neck this morning. So I was *am* cranky. This usually happens when I don't move much when I'm sleeping.

Made a stop by the liquor store yesterday, probably shouldn' thave, but what's done is indeed, done.

Waiting on Duval County Schools (out of Florida) to send me copies of my HS transcripts for the Onboarding process for my prospective employer. They are holding me up. Called them this morning. Woman said, "We have 15 Working Days, When did you submit?"

April 1st.

"Well, I haven't gotten to THAT day yet"

Go to the Web site and apparently she picked it up because it is now assigned to a processor. Whatever. That shit did not help my overall mood, but it is, what it is.

I checked into getting a copy of my diploma. That mess is expensive and it looks as though one company has a stranglehold on the business.
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