April 27th, 2014


Lil' Update ~ I'm Still Here


More along the lines of ‘I cannot remember.’ Needed to write a short note to go with my rent check. Couldn’t remember where I put my stationery files. Until now.

After I designed a new 4 color one (that I really don’t like) and used it to make up the note I will send off to management here at the Cave.

While I won’t show you the stationery (it needs a different font), I can show the logo design part of it that I did. This is not new by any means, but it is original. Dunno if it’s any good, but I like it. Had an artist-y type look at it once, and I won’t tell you what he said either.


The other thing I needed (or wanted to do was test my color printer. Have it hooked up via Ethernet. It’s away off in the bedroom closet. Been a few months, at least, since I used it last. Still works.

I had a hard time getting it to connect though. That’s because for some reason I plugged the etherport switch into the switched plug in the back of my stereo amp in the BR. If the Amp isn’t on, neither is my little data switch.

Dunno why I had it plugged in there. I’ll be correcting that little faux pas this week. Ha!

Any way it amused me.

Hope all is well with Y’all!