May 9th, 2014

keep_going keep_on


Jeebus! Haven't been sooooo glad to see Friday in a long time. Work is whipping my ass! I think I'm sleeping a bit better, which is a good thing.

I'm down about 5-1/2 pounds this week. Or I was this morning. Able to wear a sport shirt I haven't fit into in a month or two. Nice.

Woke up this AM before the alarm. Been doing that most of this week. Because I've been going to bed earlier. I pretty much wake up around 6 hours after I've gone to sleep. So f'rinstance if I go to bed at midnight but read till about 1-ish or so, I'll wake up pretty much by 7. And even if I try, I generally will not be able to get back to sleep. i am AWAKE. Might as well get up, go to the john and start the coffee. Not necessarily in that order. *grins*

First eval at work on Monday next week. Had a bit of anxiety about that in the parking lot after work today. I'll get through it, I am sure. I don't care much for the feeling I'm constantly being tested. Even if I am.

They are strict on the Business Casual dress code. Even more so than The Big Clam. And time keeping will also be a big friggin' deal once out of this initial training. Haven't really been an hourly employee for a long, LONG time. Still got sticker shock about that. *laughs*

All in all a productive and (yes) loooooooong week.

But I'm still standing. And I will keep going...