June 9th, 2014


What the Hell Was That?

Lil’Red got an oil change today. Expensive proposition is expensive. Synthetic oils are expensive.


I had a little Panic attack whilst checking the mail in the mailroom here at the apartments. Full on too. Heart was racing. I broke out in a sweat. Shakes.

Took nearly an eternity (it felt like) to beat it down. Was probably only a minute or two. It was kind of strange. I recognized what it was almost immediately. Been a while.

And meanwhile in COPD news!

And then I had to stop about 20 feet from my door on the way back. Guess the (the stupid! It hurts) smoking I did last night while intoxicated would be to blame for that. Need to cut that shit out of my life. ForEVER. I only do this when I'm out having a few drinks.
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