July 7th, 2014

Give a damn

Sunofa... !!


Jeebus. Woke up with a sore back. Initially I put it down to not moving about so much when I sleep. Happens sometimes to me.

But goddam. The longer I've been up, the worse it's gotten. Was bad enough I was having a spot of trouble breathing. We won't even discuss the string of blue language I let loose with when it tightened up as I stepped into the shower.

I hate getting older. *laughs*

This is a fucking spasm. Damn. A full on muscle spasm. I may have to call out from work. I suspect that I'll lose my double-time holiday pay if I do.

Regrettable, but dammit, this fucking hurts.

Wish I had some muscle relaxers. Just took an handful of ibuprofen. May seek out some painkillers if this does not lighten up. Just a little bit.

And damn, I was a good boy this weekend too. Stopped in at my watering hole for a bit after work on Friday. Hoisted a few draughts and was home by midnight. Haven't left the house all weekend. Drank piles of water. Ate (mostly) right.

Well, FUDGE!
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