July 12th, 2014


Nobody Told ME!

Went to wash a load of clothes only to discover the water was out.

Went and worked a little on a project in the bedroom a bit. Laid down to catch 40 winks. Got maybe twenty. *grins*.

Went out earlier to find a mask and some tubing for my CPAP. Couldn't wait any longer. The tubing had developed some sort of crease. If I moved just right it would pinch off the air blown by about 80%.

**This will wake you up *instantly* my dear friends...** Also bought a new mask, tried it on, knew within 10 minutes I wasn't going to like it. I'll call the shop and see if they'll take it back. If not well, lesson learned. An expensive lesson, but a lesson nonetheless...

Think I've just heard the water pipes pressurize soooooo.

Haven't stepped out on the patio lately, but it certainly sounds like a frickin' block party going on down there.
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