July 31st, 2014

G'morning, Coffee

Smokin' Hot!

Had to make a run for caffeine this morning. Latte and a pound of freshly ground. Forgot to stop last night. It was after midnight and I may have been just the teensiest bit distracted by way of dog-tired.


Work type stuff

The CableCompany has gone into a double your Internet speed free promotion in the Houston area. I tested mine this morning - Getting a whopping 119mbps download. That's up from the 58 I had been consistently getting. And via Ethernet.

And it is no additional cost. If your modem supports it, all you have to do is power cycle your modem and maybe restart your computer.


Calls last night were okay. But back to back to back. All night. Took my last call @ 11:55. I was home by 12:45. Into the bed by 0300. Asleep shortly there after and awake and up by 0800-0830 this morning.


Funky Story. If not funny...

The other night I walked out to the car after work. Would have been Sunday night - Monday morning. Was going to stop for a cold one or two after shift. So I had stashed my standby flip flops in the car.

Pulled off my topsiders and something had gotten into my shoes. Both of them. I wear these to work. Or any where else shoes are required for that matter.

And WOW! The smell was nearly unbearable. Not sure what it is but it is not stinky feet. I put them on the patio after I got home to air out. No freakin' dice! And I still say it isn’t the way (my) feet smell. It’s fucking weird. And seriously **funky** Like something in the insoles just gave up the ghost.

It was Dr Scholls to the rescue! Odor eaters and powder and spray. Sheesh.


Apartment Living

They have been constructing a new pergola down at the pool. Made of extruded aluminum made to look like wood. And they are doing something to the end of the *other* pool that I cannot see from the patio. Noisy bunch.


You Want Me to Sit Still and Do What?!

Probably going to start mainlining Falling Skies. Bought the season pass for this season. Been watching all the prequel stuff they did.

Also got the Walking Dead from last season to watch. Also got a few movies I bought to get through. Not sure what the block is, but I think I have definitely got one. This is stuff I love to read and watch. So there is just something a little off. Even still. To this day.

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Effin' Stupid...

Pay your rent online! Except the site has issues with *Firefox* on a Mac! FFS!

Alarmingly, it does seem to work with Safari.

Time to get it together for work. Think we have a meeting today too. Could be interesting.

One day down. Four to go. Be glad when I get used to this schedule.