August 2nd, 2014



So finally, health insurance kicks in on Sunday. Off Monday and Tuesday, so I wanted to see if I could get an appointment on one of those days...

.... Annnnd yes. Tuesday morning.

Good thing. We have a lot to talk about the doctor and I. I've made a list. We will cover them all. Oh yes we will. One way or another.
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I really didn't sleep well last night, and certainly not enough. Woke up before 0800 feeling groggy. While I've seen a bit of improvement since I've been vertical this morning, I'm still dog tired. Might be a long night tonight. bleh...

So I think it may be an early (relatively speaking) night for me.

I did stop by the watering hole last night. At about 1240. Had a couple of brews (big brews!) before last call. Talked to some friends and acquaintances last night. That was cool. Some people are idiots though. Got home before 0230 and it was probably close to 0400 when I went and crashed out. So maybe 4 hours.

Might take some meds tonight and see if that will help.

Couple people told me I was looking better than I had in the recent past. I guess I can put it down to having a job.

Steady income with benefits and all that entails.
Drinking a bit less.
Eating much healthier. (Not a fanatic about it though - if I keep no junk food here at **the Cave**, then I generally do not eat it.)
I (usually) am sleeping better

Still having a bit of a problem losing weight. I need to get more exercise, but right now, this new shift is kicking my ass.

Once I get that sorted, I think I'll see some improvement here. Until then, I'm just beat. I'll survive.

Right-o then, I'm off to work. In about 20 minutes any way. My Thursday.
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