August 7th, 2014


Oooooo boy

Last call was a motherfucker. Some sorry dude in California. After he cussed me out, the second time I put him on hold and transferred to the supervisor.

Wish I'd gone to the liquor store today. I'm almost out of scotch. Firemans 4 might do the trick,,,


In the Here and Now

Was talking to someone last night and they referred to the young Dominican woman I met a while back as that 'Negro' chick.

Wait... What?!

I was kinda stunned. And before I could say something I would likely not regret I turned and walked out to the back patio.

Why? There is nothing I could have said that will persuade her to mend her ways. I was fuming a bit on the inside. Going all unhinged wouldn't be the answer either.

Some days I just don't like 'white folks' so much.

Pretty sure I left that woman with her mouth hanging open.
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