August 11th, 2014


I Guess...

I reckon I'm going to have to go back to the dang doctor's. Sick of being sick. Stopped taking the water pills prescribed as I think I need the fluids more than I need to be rid of them at the moment. Not feverish (any more) but I am just sick.

Got things to do and this shit is getting in my way. Been almost a week now, so it is time for a kick in the pants.

If I'm not feeling any better in the AM I'll call and make an appointment.


In other news, one of my fellow employees was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot at the call center yesterday afternoon. Scared the shit out of her. Granted she was in a rather secluded area of the parking lot (so I'm told - not sure about that one). The area where the office is seems to be in a bit of a decline, but I didn't think it was that bad.

Lot of buzz in the evening about CCL. I, of course, brought up the Open Carry Texas idiots. "If we were all strapped with semi-automatic weapons this shit would not happen!" It was pointed out to me that, "That shit only counts if you're WHITE, white boy!" It was the response I expected.

For the record, I am against the open carrying of ANY weapons...

(no subject)

Off to a slow start today.

Felt pretty funky most of the day. Even with OTC Day-Quil. Needed to get out and get some food and give the optometrist my lenses as the frames were in. Should be a pretty quick fix. Thought maybe since I’m taking water pills I should pick up some Gatorade too to help with dehydration.

I was just out of the shower (speaking of which we’re having a pretty nice thunder banger as I type this) and dressed. Was cleaning my spare pair of glasses and the frame snapped in half right on the bridge. I took that as a sign I needed to get my ass over to the eye doctors and get my other pair.

So drove over and noticed I was feeling pretty terrible. Almost disoriented, sort of. My appetite has been a bit off and let’s throw some irregularity in the mix as well. Got my glasses, I was back in the car when the gas sensor dinged at me. Pulled into the Chevron that was up the street from where I was and filled the tank. Thought I’d go in and get something to drink. Got a couple bottles of cold Gatorade, ambled back out to the car and started it up, popped the cap on one of those bottles and took a big ol’ slug. And then proceeded to drain the damned bottle. A sense of well being and just generally feeling good spread slowly throughout my body.

Must have been really dehydrated. I drained the other bottle as I headed up the road.

Decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings in Rice Village to have a few wings because all of a sudden I was really hungry. *laughs* This was a mistake apparently. I had some Parmesan Garlic and a few Salt and Vinegar. Got a draft Heineken. And some Onion Rings. The P&G were off. Chewy. After the 3rd one I pushed them away. The S&V were okay, but not great. I eventually pushed back from those as well. The O-Rings seemed a bit off too. The beer just wasn’t sitting right. Bartender came over and asked what was up, and I explained the P&G’s were just too… Something. Like they weren’t cooked quite thoroughly enough. She went and talked to the Manager and took them off my bill.

I’m not as much of a regular in there as I used to be. Used to be weekly. Then it was monthly and finally I was semi monthly. They used to know my name in there. My last couple of visits I’ve noticed a steady decline in both the Quality of Service and the food quality falling a bit too. They’ve had just about a complete turnover of staff (including management) since I stopped going in regularly. I think I’m done with the place. Too bad. Nice place to meet up and eat and drink and watch some sports.

Oh well.

You know I bought a **case** of Gatorade on the way home though. *grins*

I’ll need another wings joint before too long…