August 23rd, 2014


Well Fudge!

I called a vacation day in today/tonight. I just couldn't do another one. Couple bad days in a row.

Not wholly bad shifts, but enough to make me question my sanity and judgment in taking the job. I need to learn to let some of this shit just roll off my back. Obviously I am having some problems with that.

Empathy might not be a real good quality to have sometimes. I cannot switch it off. Nor can I really dampen. Or not enough any way.

And I shouldn't. Not really. Keeps me human.


Just found out my favorite bartender was let go from my local watering hole. Not sure what to think about that. The gist was she was let go (fired) for missing two shifts. That she thought some one else (a new hire - who *might* just be a disaster waiting to happen - I sort of know the girl from some time ago. She certainly seemed to be a mess then.) was covering because she needed the money. Nope. Since my fave was on the schedule they let her go.

Business is business.

Supposed to go to a birthday celebration later (at said bar) and I am, at this point, of two minds about it. It would be good to be out at a civilized hour and I'm sure I know a ton of people that will be there.


I'm down 3 - 1/2 pounds this week. Going to veer off diet and order some Chinese delivery.

Diet. FEH!

Work today. FEH!

Fired Fav Bartender. FEH!!

Other than that... It's all good. *laughs*