December 27th, 2016


Well Fuck. Much More Eloquent

Much more eloquent than I am. Got bigger balls too. I am posting this here for no other reason than I want to be able to refer back to it. Remember it. Enact it.

Right now most of my friends that were Trump supporters are being *mostly* very quiet about it. There are a couple that are "crowing" and I suspect we won't be friends for very much longer. Most of these are acquaintances and can be quickly jettisoned and forgotten. Some I keep around just so I can keep track of their current level of "Fuckin' Crazy". Because they worry me.

One close friend told me that some of his friends were getting threats and other stuff because they supported Trump. And I needed to stop with the Left Wing Radical stuff. I'm not a radical. I am left leaning. As I have gotten older I've gotten worse about it. Or better, depending on your point of view.

Says I - "Really? You have got to be kidding me. But... Maybe Y'all should be. Look what you people have given us for a president. You honestly think he'll be better than our current Pres. Or than Secretary Clinton would have been? You're fucking deluded. Are you realizing that now?"

No answer. This was an actual conversation I had with one of my best friends. We have always been on the opposite side from each other politically. But still close friends. I don't know that I'll be able to carry on with business as usual. Or even friends as usual with some.

Most of the folk I know that voted for Trump are not the stereotypical Trump supporters. Some voted for him simply because he was the Republican Candidate and they vote straight tickets. Because that is what they always do. I am not usually a straight ticket voter. I did this time, however. And I likely will for the foreseeable future. Even some of my goddam relatives vote republican because they buy the whole Liberal bullshit that is put out by the RNC. Most of them have used public assistance from time to time. Others have not. And still they go there.

Not sure what most of them are thinking now, because it is hard for me to discuss this election without become enraged. I cannot even ask.

One or two have volunteered that a terrible mistake has been made. Or even "Might" have been made. And one of these guys is a serious second amendment guy. Very private in his views for the most part. He doesn't post them all over FB as a matter of course. I'm grateful for that. Good Catholic boy he is.

But there are others, I cannot even ask. I'm afraid of the answer. These are people I held in high regard and wanted in my life. In some cases I thought that I needed them in my life.

I valued their judgment on things. I dunno if I can any more. It's been very polarizing and I am sorely disappointed that some of these people decided a sociopath with the social skills of an 8 year old, would make a better president than an actual Statesman. *Stateswoman?*

His cabinet choices bear out my fears about a government under this guy... If you were looking to pick the absolute worst people to run the departments from a Cabinet Level, all you have to do is look at his choices. If Putin played him, he's done it really well.

And if the Russians influenced the election, where is the outcry to have this investigated? The senior Republican leadership are suspiciously quiet... Hmmmm? If it was Obama or Clinton that were seemingly duplicitous in this they'd have 19 different investigations going. You can bet on that.

I am sorely disappointed in the state of our states. United or not. And don't get me started on the damned Texas State Government. It's a goddam Republican shitshow.

Any way it's an awful long intro just to get you to read something from the Daily KOS.

Person said it better than I can, I just wanna keep it around for reference *grins* if for nothing else...

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Good job. You showed me this time.

Braaaaaaaiiiiiiiiin Drain...

Well shit. Glad I didn't have anything else to do on this computer... </sarcasm>

Doing an update through for StarCraft II. Don't play it much at all, usually diablo3, but I own it so I thought I'd let it go ahead and update. Big mistake. 16 GB RAM and I should be able to do damn near anything needed. I suspect a combination of Internet Bandwidth (our connection is too slow) and my lame ass stock hard drive (320GB / 67GB free) I suspect is starting to go out in the mini. (Mid 2010)

I'm thinking that maybe I'll get an SSD for it. Clone the current drive, and install it. Made a big difference in my Mac Book Pro. App itself has crashed a couple of times, everything is waaaaaay slow and iTunes keeps freezing up on the Dr. Who Xmas special I'm trying to watch. Unfortunate (I guess) that remembers what it was doing upon exit and resumes as
soon as it restarts. Going to let it do it's thing. and then we'll see.

I do (or did) have 4 big downloads (from iTunes) in addition to the one from going. Need an Internet upgrade for stuff like this. Haven't been able to convince the room mate that I'm not really doing anything out of the ordinary here. So that's out until I can pay for the upgrade on a monthly basis because she doesn't see the point... All she really sees is an increase in the bill. Pretty sure once she experiences a faster connection she won't want to go back, but until then? Meh.

Tech people - Thoughts? Am I off base?

Posted to FB Mac group and my page as well.

Okay That ratings thing...

That ratings thing. What the hell is that about. Seems about once a day ONE of my posts makes it into the top 25 posts on LJ.

HAH! The standards must be really low if my meager posts get in there. Multiple times. Any one know the criteria?