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I Went By

The Fruit Company Store tonight in the mall. I needed to pick up a copy of TurboTax. While I was there I also picked up another Airport Express. These little jewels let you extend your wireless network or create a new network for up to 10 users or connect a USB or ethernet connected printer or just connect so you can play iTunes through powered speakers or your stereo...

I had one of these setup in the living room until I got my Bose set on the laptop in the office. They sound almost as good as my big speakers in the living room. Probably better if you want to know the truth. But I haven't done a side by side with them.

I took the old set of PC speakers and set 'em up in the garage. So I moved the living room gadget with them. They sound good for the garage.

I set the new one up in the bedroom (where I am now) to play through the stereo system in there. So I can has iTunes in my office, garage, and bedroom...

Coolness. Just need a uni-remote in here. Got a program on my palm Life Drive that works, though so maybe after I retire it, it will be able to live in the bedroom. If it ain't dead.

Any wayyyyys. I got a change to goof a bit with a couple of different models of the new Air Lappie.

And while it is a sweet machine. It ain't for everyone. It certainly isn't for me. It is light. Really light. Something around three pounds. A regular laptop weighs from 5 to eight pounds. And it could make a difference in your backpack.

But with only a USB port (no firewire), micro DVI and an audio out port, it is kinda spare for a gadget happy guy like me. Plus no internal CD or DVD...You can buy an external...as an option. And the 64GB solid state (flash) drive does just fricken SCREAM! It will add another thousand to the already bloated *IMHO* price.

Nice machine ~ just to many minuses for me. Besides, I am perfectly happy with my MBP.

I'm off to dream land...
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