July 7th, 2017


Is this thing on?

With So Many Abandoning LiveJournal
For various reasons, including security and safety issues, consolidation, TOS, whatever the reason, I have been compelled to create an account at dreamwidth.org.

I'm not moving to dreamwidth at this time, but there will no doubt be some cross-pollination. If you want to add me, please feel free to do so. The song (username) remains the same: texasts

Picture for testing purposes.


That said if you need me to sit in the dark with you, you need but ask...

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First batch Cold Brewed Coffee

Used 454 Horsepower from Kicking Horse Coffee.

Sat in the fridge brewing for about 16 hours. Tastes pretty good, but seemed a bit light. And the grind was a bit too fine, I've got grounds in the coffee. I don't really care, but some others might.

For the drink I used a ratio 1 part coffee to 2 parts milk. (3 oz Concentrate 6 oz milk). I'll try it with maybe half/half next time. Still, I don't think it is too bad for a first effort.

Seems a bit light.

Soooooo. the 1/1 ratio seemed better... I could let it brew longer than 16 hours next time,

but this ain't bad...

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