TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Sluggin' it in on the Katy

Talking to a lady at the Park-n-Ride this morning...She seemed normal enough. Once we got in a car, though...

 I sat in the back seat of this guy's car this morning (something I hardly ever do) dunno why....So we move onto the freeway and she says her husband found something that will blow our minds on the internet ....

*Oh shit, I thought, here it comes!*

 She continued: that on September 12th of this year, all the high level military and government officials that have been hiding the fact (for over 50 years) that the governments of the world have been communincating with 27 different species of aliens...All will be revealed on September 12th. Did you know that at least two presidents were excluded from this knowledge? Well they were! It was Carter, Reagan, and Clinton...

*Oh really?? It was about this time that I started reaching for my headphones and iPod. The driver though, was trapped!*

The fount of all knowledge continued: And did you know that we really aren't free? There is a secret government that really runs things. It doesn't really matter who we elect, because the real government is ruling things from behind the curtain!

*What-ev-AH!* There was more but it was then that I stopped the stream of conspiratorial bullshit by slipping on a apir of headphones and falling into a musical blockade. Poor driver though, he had to put up with that until she ran down. I think she finally realized that no-one in the car was actually listening to her...

Don't these people realize that they sound like total NUT CASES?!?
Tags: commute, commuting
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