TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Okay...Now That Was the Week From Hell...

But it is over...Seriously non productive all week, especially once I made the decision to take next week off and go to visit my sisters and get that furniture.

I hate meetings...

When I went to bed last night *this morning*, The downstairs furnace was cooking away, downstairs was warm as toast.

When I got up *later* this morning the MoFo was blowing cold air.

Up into the attic *I never have understood why it is necessary to put the furnace(s) in the frickin' attic here in Texas ~ stupid idea if you ask me ~ but there you are* a little while ago and sure enough, the pilot had blown out.

It took me awhile to assemble the tools to do the job:
Wrench ✓
Ratchet with 5/16th socket ✓
Long reach lighter ✓
Matches ✓
Hemostats ✓
Electric screwdriver ✗
Slot screwdriver✓
Lamp ✓
Head lamp ✓

Why in the hell did they put the damned thing in the most inconvenient place possible? After a few choice words about that, I managed to contort myself into a position where I could hold the reset button down strike a match and get it to where it would do the most good. Got the pilot lit and promptly forgot that I needed to hold the reset button down for ⌚at least a minute⌚, and let up on it and *poof* out it went!

*Wash, rinse, repeat*

Turned the gas off, waited a minute or two, and tried again...Held the f'in button down for a minute or two. Success!

So we won't *relatively speaking* freeze our asses now...

Got an errand or two to run today:

❃ Need to get a B-Day card for friend Michele. And deliver it too as I'll be out of town on the actual day.

❃ A spare battery for the laptop ($$$$ - sigh) for my trip...Need one anyway

❃ And I want to look at sling bags for it too. If they ain't too expensive and I can find one large enough for it and all my *accessories*. Oh and it has to be *cool* looking as well. *grins* Picky, picky, PICKY, T's.

Question for the friends list: Any one ever been to a shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral? I gots questions...There's supposed to be a Shuttle launch on Tuesday, and I'm thinkin' about going...That would be so cool!

Outta here!
Tags: my life
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