TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

At My Sister's: Up Before All De Udders Inna Da House

I used to be he first up in the house. Always. Doesn’t happen that way at home anymore. But here I’ve got the feeling it would always be that way. *grins* Can't seem to manage it at home. The Queen always seems to beat me to the punch. Wonder why that is...

It is nice. To be first up. Just me and the complaining cats! *heh* No dogs here. But Sis does have (at least) three cats that I've seen.

As you can probably tell ~ I didn't make it down to the cape for the Shuttle liftoff. It was @ 0200 and you had to be at the cape by 9:00 PM. That is almost 200 hundred miles from here. Wasn't gonna happen...

Sis' two girls certainly seem to be a handful...Got some good pictures of them though.

I think I'm gonna call some movers and see what they will charge to move the furniture. Surely cannot be much more than U-Haul is gonna rip me off for. So we'll see how that works out.

Yesterday evening Sis and I went by her MIL's to pick up a car and also so I cold get a look at the furniture and maybe see if it would fit in a cargo van. *sigh* Not a chance. We'll see. Once that decision is made I can make plans as to how I'll get home. Either fly or rent a car, maybe.

After I had a look, we went by Whitey's Fish Camp and had a couple of beers and an appetizer apiece. Got to talking about Mom. I didn't realize it had been twenty years since she had passed away. As we continued to talk about her, I got a little misty eyed. I don't think about Mom much. Or try not to. I miss her still...20 years on. And I see a lot of the good stuff about her in my sister.
Tags: my life, roadtrips
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