TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Right, then...

dod-t-romorrow, I'm to see the surgeon again. Hopefully he'll clear some more of the muck out of my upper nasal area and I can get back on the CPAP machine and start sleeping like I should!

I'll have to *shudder* drive into downtown Houston. Usually I'd just take a half a day vacation and ride the bus to the Park-n-Ride. I have more than enough to use for this kind of stuff. Besides an hour or so at the doctor's and I've got the rest of the afternoon to do...well...Whatever! But not tomorrow. My counterpart at the Big Clam has got to take half a day to get her kids to the doctor. Think they need shots or something along those lines. So I'll find someone at the Park-n-Ride to ride along with me to DT, park a few blocks from the office, and hoof it through the streets to da J.O.B. Not a big deal as long as I get out of the house a little earlier than usual.

I'll need to leave the office about an hour and a half early to get to the doctor's office (hopefully) on time.
By the way - Still Smoke Free - I've now got 22, count them twenty two days as a non smoker! Almost a month! Woot!

*edit* OOOPS! I miscounted at home. Here at work with a calendar infront of me...it is only 22. Still..But shit!
Tags: commuting, houston traffic, nonsmoking, woot!
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