TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Some Effing Where *Still* in Florida

I've seen some strange stuff today. Saw a couple of turtles turned ass over teakettle on the side of the highway. Saw some old dude with a broken arm with a cane in a men 's room at a rest stop trying to dry the front of his shorts with a handicapped level hand dryer. Guess he missed or something.

I'm at least 2 hours behind where I wanted to be by this time. Caught in a traffic jam just west of Tallahassee. It was a horrendous looking one car accident. Looked like a new pick up truck (it still had paper tags) had an argument with a few trees. The Florida Highway patrol was there by the time I made it up to the site and had spread those white blankets they use to cover up things. Must have been a real mess as they had put a BUNCH of them on and around the truck. It didn't look like anyone coulod have survived that particular crash.

Then not 20 miles up the road, yet another back up for miles. But this was some contractor working for FLA DOT, resurfacing one lane of the highway. Of course they had to push everyone into one lane and then onto the left side OFF the road.

I reckon I'm about halfway through Okaloosa county. This puts me about 40 miles on the WRONG side of Pensacola. East.

Good thing I ain't in a hurry. Still gonna try to make it at least to somewhere in Mississippi before I stop for the night. Oh and no WiFi in Florida rest stops so this is backdated.

Note: Posted from the last rest stop in Mississippi before I cross into Louisiana.
Tags: roadtrips
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