TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Gods Save Me...

From overly zealous rest stop Rent-A-Cops at 10:30 at night!


BTW ~ I'm in Slidell, Louisiana for the night. Or morning, depending on your point of view.
Damned kids ~ And I know he's only doing his job ~ But PISS OFF!

Roadtrips.jpgSo I pull into the last rest stop in Mississippi on I-10. It's the last one if you are westbound before you cross into Louisiana. Or the first one if you are eastbound. It also serves as the tour center for NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center.

Not thinking, I pull into the cars section with my 14 foot Rent-A-Truck because I've been driving for the last 15 miles with crossed legs ;-P. I jump outta the truck, lock the door and slam it and before I get two steps the Security Guard is asking me if I'm gonna be looking for somewhere to park for the night.

WTF? I've driven this stretch of road more times than I care to count and I always stop here and this is the first time a security guard has said anything more than "Boo!" to me.

Looking around I notice there are only about 10 cars around so I 'splain to the boy that, "No, I am just here to make a pit stop and a quick trot around the place to stretch my legs." Seemed to mollify the Guardian of the Rest Stop, so I took off at a dog trot for the john. But not before I notice the kid is packin' hardware for chrissakes!

Do my bidness and walk back to the truck. Get my laptop out, because they have free WiFi here *I knew that already and it was one of the reasons I stopped here* fire it up and log on to LaQuinta.com so I can book a room up the road in Slidell. I move to where I can pick up the signal, get the job done and walk back to the truck.

Before I can get the thing shut down and stowed, The Guardian of the Rest Stop is back, in a a friggin' golf cart. I saw him pass on the other side of the truck and turn around.

"Are you looking for a place to camp tonight?"

*sigh* I turn around and regard him. "No, as I told you before, 15 minutes ago, I'm only here to make a pitstop, stretch my legs. And I've just made a hotel reservation in Slidell, so no I do NOT want to pull around into the back of the fucking rest stop. I'll be leaving presently...~ Is there anything else?"

"No sir!"

"Great! Have a nice night!"

*And whydoncha stop hassling tired, grumpy people...*
Tags: roadtrips
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