TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

There May Be Hope For the World Yet...

So I price a few storage rooms out and made a selection not necessarily based on price. They were all pretty much in the same range, so I had to go on feelings. They all had pretty much the same security, the same type facilities, etc...

I spent some time talking to all the folks at the three places, those that would make conversation, that is. I went round and round with this for a few hours and finally chose the folks that were friendliest. Plus they were open the latest and were less expensive than the U-Haul storage facility. And they do U-Haul too, so I could kill two birds with one stone.

Late in the afternoon I put a couple more things in the truck and drove over there. I chose a 10X10 based on price, not really for the convenience factor. It has an inside entrance. The outside access was 20 dollahs more. Paid up for the former. Got a month free in the bargain too.

The lady behind the counter, Ms B(lankenship) said she could send her 18 YO son to help me if I wanted. Told her that would be nice but I didn't want to be beholden to anyone.

Asked her for the phone book as I was gonna have to call a taxi after I finished because The Queen was tied up having dinner with some of The Cool One's friends and probably wouldn't be available to pick me up. Of course I didn't tell her any of this. She got the phone book and while I was looking up the number for a cab, she said she would just have her hubby give me a ride.


Drove the truck down to the entrance for my storage unit and propped the door open. Opened the back of the truck and got the four chairs back there into the room. Before I could turn around, the kid was there. So we started to unload. Got a piece or two moved to the room and then Dad (!) showed up with a platform dolly.


So, a job that would have taken me a few hours was done in probably half that time. The lock I had wouldn't fit the hasp on the door so I would need to get another. Damn.

Drove the truck around to the front and Missus B had her son do the checkout on the truck. I had an appliance dolly and 12 furniture pads back there. Then they sold me a lock. I tried to pay with a twenty but Mrs. B had already closed the drawer for the night and could I use a credit card?

I said sure and gave up the plastic. Looked at the kid who was standing behind the counter and slid the twenty over the counter and said, "Here, you take it for a job well done." He looked at his Mom who was about to decline for him saying something along the lines of this was his good deed for the day. "Well then this is MY good deed for the day. Besides this is between me and him!" *Heh* He looked like the proverbial Deer in the headlights until I put it in his hand. I also noticed a barely perceptible nod from Mrs. B.

*shrugs* Don't care as long as he took it.

When I was a Buyer I had this big sign behind my desk -

TANSTAAFL ~ This was my lesson for the kid. And his parents reluctantly agreed...

Still true too...Wonder where that sign got off to.

Mister B had already loaded my supplies into the back of his SUV. I walked down and put the lock on the door and walked back up.

The truck paperwork was done. Mr B drove me to the house and tried to help me carry stuff to the front door. I sent him away with a, 'Thank you so much! Y'all have done quite enough for me today..."

I could hear him as he baked out of the driveway..."If you need anything...Just let us know ~"

What a nice set of folks. There is Hope for the world after all.

Tags: my life
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