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I Have No Idea What I Did - But It's Fixed....

And if you believe that, I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona!

Had a power surge the other night.

First one that I've seen when I happened to be sitting right here.

Everything seemed to go a little haywire. ⚠Lights in my office got really bright and then dimmed. All the USB stuff that was plugged into my hub went really weird, then I noticed it was really hot. Runs warm but this was out right burn your fingers HOT!

All the peripherals started to do wonky shit. I had sense enough to take the laptop off power *By knocking the mag~safe connector off the laptop* Took everything in sight offline too.
I was *Shocked* Not literally. *grins*

Fried one of the damned surge protectors, too *sigh* It was a cheapo model, though, and everything else seems to have survived more or less intact. But that will need to be replaced.

Recovered from that easily enough, but the router seemed to take itself offline...Rebooted the modem. still no connection. Rebooted the router. Had to redo the network connection. And the wireless setup...

Thought I had that all together. Until this morning when The Queen came downstairs and asked me what was up, because she couldn't get on line with The Cool One's computer.

Went up and checked it out. The *wireless* card SoftWare seemed to see the network. But Windoze *sigh* had issues connecting. Tried a warm boot. Nuthin', nada, jack. Cold boot, Same shit...

'K...Let's try a different device...iPod touch has WiFi. Sees the network...All righty then. Bring up Safari...Cannot connect to any websites.

Well, FARK!

Tried a couple of different settings on the router...Time consuming job. Ultimately found a setting that let the touch bring up my LJ. Got it right finally. Went upstairs to check the desktop compooter. Success! But wasted most of my morning dealing with this shit...

So, gotta pay the bills and see if I can find my desk again. It's been buried since before I went to Florida...I hate that. Need to get last years files and then some outta here, so as to prepare to turn this room into a dining room.

Hope y'all are having a more productive day than I am so far.

Tags: computing, my life, shit!, tech, techsupport, web
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