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The Visit to The Surgeon's Office

Last week I had called the Dr.'s ofc to re-schedule my follow-up as a co-worker needed to take that afternoon off.

"No problem" I was told, "we'll just change it to 4 PM." I was cool with that. So why on Friday did I have a message from the Dr.'s ofc reminding me of my appointment at my original TIME! Of course I didn't pick this message up until Monday as they left the message late.


Called them Monday to confirm and explained that on Wednesday of last week I had called to change my appointment and that we had changed it to 4PM instead of 2:45. The nice lady on the phone said, "No, it is still for 2:45. But I can change it now if you like?" I said ok, she said ok and we rung off.

I arrived early as usual, about 3:30 and signed in. At 5:15 the Physician's Assistant finally called my name. I asked if they were running behind? "No," he said and further advised me to "get the earliest appointment in the day in the afternoon's that I had to come in that I could get." I said I usually do, but circumstances forced me to change my appointment. And I figured they were just punishing me for doing so. He just kind of laughed and said, "No we weren't punishing you. It is just the way of things. Office visits generally take longer than the allotted time. That and phone interuptions, emails, etc made every day turn out like this one.

This is a pet peave of mine. Over booking in general wastes everybody's time including the service provider's Shit!

Anyway...at the doctors. The PA squirt's some stuff up my nose, chats for a minute and leaves.

The surgeon comes in and asks me how I'm feeling. I say, "Fine, except my nose feels like I just snorted about a gram of coke!" He just laughed and mumbled something about 'don't ask don't tell' Which made me laugh. He knew exactly what I was talking about.

At any rate, he cleans some more gunk out of there. Immediate difference. OMG I can breathe. I ask him about the pressure sinus headache I seem to have had for the last two weeks. He smiles and asks, "Still got it?"

Uh- No. Wow! "Part of the healing process. So don't be surprised if between now and our next visit (in two weeks) the pressure builds again."

I ask about my CPAP machine - Because of apnea issues - I'm getting about 3-4 hours sleep a night, none of it uninterrupted. He says to go ahead and try it again. So I'm thinking on the way home (while sitting in traffic, dammit!), I had to stop using it because it was drying me out so bad it would wake me up. That and the fact with allergies, it became too difficult to breathe while using it.

Anticipating today's results, a few nights ago I did check the heater for the humidifier on the unit to make sure it was functioning correctly (it was). Got nice and toasty.

So last night I try it again - And here is my night in a nutshell:

  • In bed by 10:00
  • Ready to sleep by 11:00. Get the machine going, turn out the lights, try to relax, etc.
  • Still awake at 11:30.
  • Wake up at 12:45 - throat is dry. Get water, back to bed.
  • Wake up at 2:30 - throat is dry as the mojave in high summer. Get water, back to bed.
  • Wake up at 4:00 - throat is dry as death valley in any season. Pull off the mask, go back to sleep...
  • Wake up at 4:45 - Think screw it only 15 minutes to go.


So the dern thing is still drying me out. Is it because I'm still snoring? I don't know. The last time I called the Respirtory technician about two months ago - she said maybe - but she didn't think so. So I drag all the paperwork out I got for the damned thing 'cause I'm gonna have to call her again. TODAY. This morning...

I get to work, and in between:

  • Trying to set up teleconferences for a new project I've got (I failed to do so)
  • Responding to email about a different project (past work and  upcoming)
  • Answering phone (from various customers)
  • Taking a phone call from the Offspring
  • Doing tickets (as usual)
  • Talking to my Cube-Mate about our work-load (it is terrifically sucking)
  • Trying to explain to the Queen of Security (My boss) why my ticket count is down over the last three months (lack of consistent sleep)
  • Have a 45 minute conversation with her boss about elderly care in nursing homes (her mother) (it sucks)
  • Have a conversation with a 2d level support guy about why his access hasn't been renewed in the Non-Production boxes (we never rec'd a ticket from him for this)
  • Answering a Project Manager's questions about the procedure for a SAP AG technician to get access to our system from Germany (Nail the SAP guy down as to exactly when he needs access and then send us an email. We do the rest)


  • Do a little programming with my handheld (for some macros I'm working on).
I do manage to get the Technician on the phone. We chat for a while. She has a great sense of humor and there is alot of back and forth and double entendres. She advises me to turn up the humidity setting on the unit (tells me how to do it, too) and to try that before we do anything else. Told her before we rang off, "If I get to be single again, you are gonna be in So-o-o-o-o-o much trouble. I do have your number you know!" Her response, "Wooo Hooo!!" Hee hee - she is too cute.

Mind you - this was all before lunch! The afternoon proceeded at a much more civilized pace. 'Course I didn't get home till after seven.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Right then, I'm off to set the controls on that damned machine and then to bed. Read a little and hopefully sleep! Tomorrow is another day! And 5:00 AM comes mighty early.

PS - In spite of the fact I only got about 5 hours sleep all together - Because of the CPAP, I still felt better today than I have in two months. Hope this is a trend!
Tags: business, cube city, medical, nonsmoking, sap, stupid shit!, the sexes
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