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Does It get Any Better Than This?

Dunno...But yesterday was a pretty good day! But then again maybe I'm just easily pleased.

Started with a trip to one of the local malls to see one of the Geniuses at the Apple Store there.

I couldn't get my ShInY NeW iPhone to sync the contacts with my Address book on my Mac. I had been trying to get this to work since about 10 of the clock the night before. If this wasn't going to work, it was going to be a dealbreaker between Apple/ AT&T/iPhone/Me. I wasn't too optimistic based on what I saw on the iPhone forums on the AT&T. But I made an appointment anyway.

The point is: One of the major selling points of Apple equipment is it is all supposed to work together...Seamlessly. And it usually does...This was probably the hardest install I've had since I got my Mac. Just. Couldn't. Figure. It. Out...

So with some trepidation I walked into the store for my appointment. I was very nearly late due to construction traffic on the freeway.

Had to wait around for a while since there was only one Genius working at the Genius Bar. He got to me within a few minutes. I mentioned a small but annoying issue I was having with the clock calendar display on my menu bar. Difficult to explain - When ever i would hit the menu bar it looked like the clock was resetting itself and the menu choice would turn blue. (As it is supposed to do) But it would stay blue and the underlying menu would display. But before you could make a menu choice the menu would close. Making it difficult, if not impossible, to make a menu choice.

He fixed this in under a minute. *Score!*

Next issue took quite sometime longer. Of course, he was working on 3 other issues. At the same time (!) It was amazing to watch Lucas. He never seemed to lose track of what he was doing with whoever.

It was taking so long to figure out my issue, I was beginning to wonder. I could not have been the first person to have this problem. He did some serious stuff, which I had him explain as he went along, and I made note of, but which I won't bore you with. It did take about an hour and a half for him to figure out. Suffice it to say, I was one very happy mac user when he finished and it was FIXED!

I sang his praises (loudly) to the crowd that was gathered around the genius bar, and this erupted into a spontaneous round of applause for my new found friend!

I stopped to look at some cases for the phone - Wanted a glove type thing that would fit in the holster i've got. About that time the sales associate that I bought a printer from walked up and we talked about cases after he made some smart assed remark (in good fun) about me knowing the inventory in the store better than he did! Showed me the one he had. And it would work for me. Bought that and some plastic overlays for the screen.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Went out to the car and called my canadian friends. We were supposed to hook up sometime. They were out shopping. For a GPS appropriately enough because they had been lost more often than not since they've been here. Not surprising considering where they came from...

And they still managed to get lost on the way back home ~ heh...At any rate they were gonna be tied up for several hours when I called.

Called my friends Michele and Richard to check on the status of Richard's mother (who lives in either New Mex or Arizona. She is in the advanced stages of Parkinson's and has refused a feeding tube. So it is only a matter of time for her. No answer. Not good. Tried Michele's cell. Same deal. Not that unusual for her. Always give her a hard time about having a cell phone and never answering it. They had asked me if I would be able to house sit for them on short notice because of Rich's mother. I hadn't heard anything so thought I'd call. She did call later.

Thought I'd go by where The Offspring worked at $tarbuck$ so I gave her a call. She said she had just left work and was on her way home and did i want to come by there?

Shore thang, keed!

Met her at the house over in the Heights. We farted around there for a while. Then we went over to a sandwich shop on 19th street in the Heights and grabbed some lunch. Michele called while we were eating from AZ or NM. After we finished we browsed through the shops on 19th. While we were about that, Susanne and Miguel (from Canada) called, asking me if I wanted to join them for a late lunch. 'Splained we had just eaten but I would meet them at Chuy's on Westheimer in about 45 minutes. I'd have a drink while they were eating. I ended up buying The Offspring some designer dress out of one of the resale shops for a wedding shower she was going to last night.

I left her shortly thereafter so I could meet up with The Canadians for margaritas. I had a drink or two while they ate and then we bailed to their Corporate Apartment (Susanne calls it a suite ~ heh) over in Midtown. They wanted me to look at their internet connection. Miguel couldn't surf!. Got that sorted in short order. Was even able to pick up someone's WiFi on my iPhone ~ heh! People and their unsecured networks...

After that we went to a couple of bars in Midtown and drank beer and shot the shit for a few hours. Walked back to their apartment. Hung for a little while. About 10 pm I realized I was starving. Talked for a while longer. Then I left them to do their thing. Probably sleep *grins* and drove over to One's A Meal on West Gray. This is a Greek ~ American restaurant in between Montrose and Midtown and one of my favorites in town. Had an omelet and some coffee. made my way back out to the burbs after that.

Was probably about 2 AM when I finally made into the bed for about 6 hours sleep. Felt pretty good this morning.
Tags: friends, my life, the offspring
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