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Well Then

Got a call on the way home last night. From my friends Michele and Richard.

Michele had asked me a few weeks ago if they needed me to, could I go and house sit a few days for them and take care of things at their house if they needed to go out of town suddenly. Without hesitation I said, "Of course!"

So I got the call yesterday. Richard's mother has passed on. She was in the throes of advanced Parkinson's. Richard's Mom lived in AZ, and was of the BaHai faith. Not sure what all that entails, but the funeral arrangements seem to be pretty simple.

Thought to myself, I can use the break from my routine. There are a couple of drawbacks to this, though:
1. They have pets. 3 small dogs and a large fish tank. I can deal with them though. Two of the dogs are on special diets. The dogs know me and who cares about the fish, feed 'em and you're done! Except one is sick and has been segregated into a small fish bowl, which is sitting on the kitchen counter. Michele has spoiled her pets rotten. It is indeed one of her endearing qualities.

The two of them for whatever reason never had children. I never asked and I never will. As well as they both get along with kids, I think there must be some medical reason for it. And I've known them both for at least twenty years.

2. They have no internet access. *GASP!* Luddites! This is pretty freakin' strange since Richard is a programming contractor for NASA. He has a Sprint Air account for when he does need access. Of course he'll be taking his card with him. Shit! What kind of household doesn't have internet access?


Jeebus...As much time as I spend online, this could be an issue! I have been able to pirate wireless bandwidth from someone in the neighborhood over there before, but there are no guarantees that this can always be the case.

I'll be off the grid! Other than what I can do with my iPhone. And while it can do a lot, I tested it over there last night when I went to pick up a key and the EDGE network is kinda slow from their location...


3. No cable or satellite either! Whatever will I do??


I've got a few books and magazines to read and they said they would be back on Monday evening...They have a pretty large DVD collection as well.

Three days. Anyone can do three days...Right? Right?? Helloooooooo! Is there any body out there??

As much as the two of them have done for me over the last couple of years, I can do this for them. I am grateful they are my friends.

So send me a text or something if you feel like it or call if you have my number.
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