TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Being off line sucks!

Ducked into a panera breads for a web fix. And a salad.

Didn't really try to pick up a signal and M&R's yet. But the phone didn't see any while I was in the back yard.

Any way the doggies have been fed.

While I've been here at Panera this time, I've encountered something I've not seen before. Every three or four new pages I display in my browser the stupid login screen for panera comes up.

I know I shouldn't bitch, but this is a bit much...C'mon fellas. Oh and the music is a little too generically jazzy too. Can Y'all do something about that?


I'm tellin' ya though. No cable AND no Web is enough to drive a person effin' NUTZ.

NUTZ, I say!
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