TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

At the 59 diner in Stafford, Texas

And I wish I'd known they had wifi here. Would have brought my laptop. The keyboard on the iPhone leaves a little something to be desired. Not that I'm bitching! Phone has been my constant companion over the last few days, in my self imposed exile. *grins* And I'm getting used to it!

Nothing like a good, stick to your ribs breakfast. Probably not good for me. Still gotta be better than he usual crap I get. Not caring today, though. Got a doctor's appointment later today. Not my favorite way to spend my day off. Must be done, though.

Honestly, in this day and age, why would any one be without web access? Even dial-up would have been okay at this point! Luddites!

Oh and I found a dollar right outside the front door of this joint! On my way in. Probably means something, don't you think?

I've got a lot to say, just not on this tiny keyboard.
Tags: friends, iphone, wifi
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