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Turn That Shit Down!

A Sad Tale of Technology Run Amok!

Airport_express.jpgSome time after I got home from house sitting for the Luddites, Monday evening, I sat down at the computer to get on line. *thank the gods and godesses*

The Queen went up to bed. Around 9 PM or so I decided to listen to some music via iTunes.

Went looking for some "No Doubt"-age type stuff. Ah Gwen!

iTunes lets you play a little 30 second snippet of the song in question. A "try before you buy" situation. So I was trying to play some of these tunes before I made my purchase. I could hear music...Barely. It was just an undertone. Nothing coming out of my speakers at all. I kept fiddling with the volume which was turned almost all the way up any way ( as advised).

Of a sudden I hear The Queen yelling down the stairs, "Must you have the music blasting up in your BEDROOM! It is bad enough when you play it loud downstairs!"

*blink* Well Monday night aside ~ I had no idea she was averse to loud music. Didn't used to be...


You see, I have a couple of these Airport Express doodads (technical term ~ heh) spaced around the house. These jewels are really handy.

One of the features is it lets you stream music to remote speakers from iTunes via your computer. I have one in the garage. And one in the ~ you guessed it ~ BEDROOM. Hooked up to the stereo up there.
~ AirPort Express works with both Mac's and PC's.
Other features include:
~ Wireless printing
~ Sharing an internet connection
~ 802.11n wireless compatability
~ Internet security
~ Extension of your wireless network

But I digress...Apparently I had left the bedroom selected the last time I was listening to music up there and had also left the tuner on...Sooooo...It was most assuredly blasting away loud enough to wake Herself up. And when she is awakened rudely, she tends to not be in a good mood! As any one would. I muted fairly quickly and apologized profusely and explained I was trying to figure out was the hell was wrong down here...Kind of funny now...But of course The Queen is out of town...

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