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iPhone Review: Revised Topic List

So far the topics I’ve got are:
Okay I’ve got the damned thing ~ Now what?
• Is it Everything I Thought it Would Be / Am I glad I bought it?
• What’s in the Box?
• The exterior
• The Case Oooo Shiny Oooo scratchy ~ Stylish?
• The external buttons
• Sleep / Wake
• Volume
• Silent / Ring
• Home
• Recessed Head phone jack ~ WTF? What the hell were they thinking?
• Dock Connector
• Cases and Such ~ Protecting the Apple Brick Phone
• The Touch Screen Interface
• The Stock Applications (including Bluetooth)
• Phone Functions
• Battery Life
• Internet
• Email
• iPod
• iTunes WiFi Music Store

Anything else you want to know? Comment and let me know. C'mon ~ Don't be shy!
Tags: apple, iphone, tech
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